Aspie woman diagnosed in adulthood


I have a colleague that is very talkative and for some weird reason seems to like talking to me. Most of the times I strongly disagree with his point of view but I listen gently to him without defending my opinions. This is a survival strategy. He made me cry multiple times but he doesn’tContinue reading “Nodding”

Sorry psychotherapist, I can’t accept my emotions

As I said in my previous post about emotions, some autistic people have emotional sensitivity. We share this trait with people having borderline personality disorder, even if our peculiar way of thinking can make us responding in a different way, at least until we have a meltdown. At a very young age I started realizingContinue reading “Sorry psychotherapist, I can’t accept my emotions”

Psychotherapists should learn “Aspergerese”

Tony Attwood wrote a book named “Exploring Depression and Beating the Blues”, that is a CBT Self-Help Guide to Understanding and Coping with Depression in Asperger’s Syndrome. In the first pages he wrote a wonderful thing: The programme needed to be written in ‘Aspergerese’ – that is, in a style that would resonate with someoneContinue reading “Psychotherapists should learn “Aspergerese””

Asperger’s nightmares

Let’s sum the following facts: Anxiety is one of the most common comorbidity in autism Nightmares can be caused by anxiety Intrusive thoughts are common in autism Suppressing those thoughts can result in manifesting them in dreams (a phenomenon called dream rebound) Autistic people often have enhanced senses Many autistic people are visual thinkers SomeContinue reading “Asperger’s nightmares”


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