Aspie woman diagnosed in adulthood

The complex link between autism, emotions and empathy

In the past years I watched hundreds of videos about mental health. I looked back at my YouTube history and starting from 2015 I watched videos like “Dealing With Depression & Anxiety In Programming“, “8 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person“, “Faces of Bipolar Disorder“, “How Dangerous Is Loneliness“, “How Stress Affects Your Brain“, “WhatContinue reading “The complex link between autism, emotions and empathy”

Uncontrollable rage

This post describes my worst outburst of anger (people often use the term “anger meltdown”). I say it is the worst one because it is the only occasion when I had physically assaulted another human being. I think anger is someway a taboo topic among Aspies, probably because we are worried to be perceived asContinue reading “Uncontrollable rage”

It wasn’t cyclothymia, it was autism

In some cases autism is misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. It is common for autistic people experiencing depression or moments of extreme despair and it is possible to be both bipolar and autistic but in this post I would like to explain why autistic people could erroneously interpret their own symptoms. Indeed,Continue reading “It wasn’t cyclothymia, it was autism”


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